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Questions and answers for online reservations

1. What is the best price commitment?

Answer: We guarantee the lowest price for online ordering.

In case you have found the same area at a lower price, we will compare it as it appears in the site's rules.


2. Is there an additional discount for promotions for club members?

Answer: In some of the areas there will be an additional discount / benefit for members of the loyalty club.


3. How do I know the hours of entry and departure to the compound?

Answer: The hours of entry and departure are specified in the terms of each reservation.


4. Can I pay by credit card in installments?

Answer: Subject to the terms of each reservation.


5. How much do I want to add to the order such as breakfasts / massages?

Answer: In most areas on the site you have a choice of different options at the time of booking,

If you choose these options, the price will be immediately added to the order. In some areas you can

To place the order for overnight stays, and if you are asked to add any additions, you can do so with the owner of the compound.


6. If I would like to request special requests, how can I do so?

Answer: If you have any special requests you can refer them to the owner of the complex, before or after the order.


7. Do I receive a confirmation after making an order?

Answer: Once you have finished placing an order, the order is sent to your email with all the details.


8. When is my order finally approved?

Answer: Once you have finished placing an order, it is forwarded to the owner of the compound.

The owner of the compound will contact you in order to take credit for security and from this moment it is finally approved.


9. How do I cancel an order under a free cancellation option?

Answer: After placing an order, we will send you a confirmation email that includes the final date

You can use the free cancellation option. You'll see a Cancel Order button next to the date

Which allows you to cancel your order immediately.


10. How do I cancel an order and cancel the terms of the cancellation option?

Answer: Subject to the terms of each reservation.

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