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Luxury zimmers in Sea of Galilee area

Magic on the Sea of ​​Galilee ... especially luxurious resort guest houses

Vacation exciting and full of all good awaits you between picturesque mountains Sea of ​​Galilee magical ...

Welcome to the region, pastoral, quiet and very special in the north. Here you will find a wealth of impressive luxury complexes and dreamy landscapes against exciting and different and exciting atmosphere. Best suited revelers, lovers and for those of you looking for something really special.

Sea of ​​Galilee area dates back course on the coast and ends on the line beautiful from Galilee to the Supreme Court considered a solid and very spacious so you will find luxurious suites to enormous, weaknesses in the areas of gene spectacular and enormous least including a large swimming pool and impressive spa facilities, a large dining hall and plenty of seating elegance observe what the landscape is not over.

When you want to move to the interior garden, you will be a luxury suite hotel option double or family divided into private bedrooms for parents and children. Here you will be placed in a Jacuzzi option romantic pampering, relaxing on a huge bed and watching a good movie or series, drinking coffee cozy sense espresso machine or simply watching the exciting scene inside the eye can not get enough of him.

Design innovative and exciting stated, including many world inductance and offers indulge in the confines of a particular uniform concept built from careful thought for guest's personal wishes and tastes. Here you can order at any stage pampering couples massage, a cooking workshop, baking or evening team building, private chef to cook for you all feel like, and any options that you can pre-reserve hosts the entertainment and talk without having to worry about except arrival. If you are planning a special event in the glamorous suite, the book that the hosts and let them take care of you for ornament, decoration and other pleasant surprises no doubt will surprise your loved ones necklace.

Endless views

Accommodation in luxury complexes Kinneret and Lower Galilee are considered very luxurious and high level, mainly due to the scenery reflected in them. To allow you to enjoy it at any stage, and of course to keep well on the prestigious standard required, set here Belgian hosts huge windows that allow for easy viewing, a variety of seating areas around the garden or suites and various designs blending beauty with wonderful views from here to the horizon.

In between, you will be served amazing luxuries like fine wines, chocolates, biscuits or homemade cakes prepared especially for you, fresh fruit harvested recently, you really nearby orchards and other surprises which the rope was counted and will destroy the whole surprise ...


If you're interested in trips enjoyable environment, you can of course visit the Kinneret itself and enjoy a variety of beaches, water sports activities and excellent restaurants that are in the water line. Here you can also find nearby pubs attractive recreation complex (plant) and activities for the little ones. Romantic experiences more precisely located in the mountains, in the lower Galilee, where couples among you will be happy to tour the extensive territories magnificent horses, ATV trails and Riizrim and a selection of beautiful hiking trails where you can stop for a picnic cute area. Adventurous among you can also add to the experience of tour guides who know the area well and can direct you to a lot of ancient historical sites and unique where you can listen to many stories. Its high service level selected possessed the prestigious and coveted bed and breakfasts in the area can help you when it comes to adapting many holiday Lmidoticm, your demands and your personal comfort.

You are welcome to watch the various compounds and to view the range luxury suites large and high quality carefully selected and filtered according to the highest standards in hospitality. After such an opening - we have no doubt that you will find the perfect luxury place with ease and efficiency. Holiday fun and amazing!

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מבחר Luxury zimmers in Sea of Galilee area

Creme - Luxury Zimmers - Zimmers in Lower Galilee and valies -  Mezpe Ha-agam suites
Private vacation like no other. Original design luxury suites for couples only and surprisingly, the most impressive scenery in front of the Sea of Galilee.
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