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Luxury zimers in Rosh Pina

The picturesque moshava, with enchanting views and a special atmosphere, what better than to stay in luxurious guest rooms in Rosh Pina ?! A selection of romantic B & B vacation rentals in Rosh Pina.

With a cosmic atmosphere and spectacular views, Rosh Pina attracts visitors from all over the country, and where better to put your head than in luxury B & B vacation rentals in Rosh Pina? Like any place in the country, Rosh Pina also has quality and disappointing B & B, but do not despair - the coin two sides and of course everything negative has the opposite side, where you will find a large selection of luxurious B & B that are simply a pleasure for the eyes and soul!

Vacation in the north has become very popular among the public in Israel, Upper Galilee, Lower and Western, every corner in the north you will find luxury B & B, romantic B & B and pampering B & B for couples and families. But there is something in Rosh Pina that attracts people from all over the country, perhaps because of the proximity to various attractions, perhaps because of the three springs nearby and perhaps because of the well-known guest houses of the colony. We did not investigate the subject in depth, but what is clear to everyone is that Rosh Pina provides a luxurious and unforgettable vacation experience And special.

Attractions in Rosh Pina

As mentioned earlier, three small springs at the foot of Mount Canaan are good for easy watering and refreshment. In addition, you will find various attractions and famous tourist attractions, such as the beautiful and ancient Baron Garden, Biriya Fortress, Beit HaRishonim and so on.

In the vicinity of the Moshava there are a variety of quality wineries where you can tour the wine vineyards, sample a selection of wines and take a guided tour.

If you are looking for a quiet, romantic, luxurious and luxurious holiday - Rosh Pina this is definitely the place to go. To enjoy the enchanting scenery, you can take a magical holiday with clear air and breathtaking views, travel to places of tourism with many years of history, visit vineyards and famous wineries, and of course, after all the busy day with attractions, museums, tourist places and restaurants. The foam bubbles in the Jacuzzi wrap around you, sip a glass of fine wine and let your relationships blossom.

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מבחר Luxury zimers in Rosh Pina

Creme - Luxury Zimmers - Zimmers in Rosh Pina - Mitzpa Hayamim
Mitzpa Hayamim
  |   Rosh Pina
Health Farm overlooking Mount Hermon and the spectacular Sea of Galilee from the town of Rosh Pina. Quality and elitist indulgence for any holiday.
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