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Eilat Eilat and Arava desert south מעבר לדף הבית
Call for reservationsRachel / Rotem
The house on the mountain
Classic villa
Villa rustic
Modern villa

Breakfast available

Private pool

Hot Private Pool

Heated pool

Private Spa

Panoramic view


Private garden


Children's play facilities

A separate children's room

Outdoor kitchen

equipped kitchen

Air conditioning

HOT channels

Cinema System

wireless Internet

Coffee and tea

tanning beds


Ping pong

Spacialy for


Couple with children

Religious community


Fun Days

Booking Conditions

 Entry and exit times Sunday through Saturday 

Check in from 16:00 until 12:00

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can order 1 night on weekends.

** The price on the site is for 10 people per villa

Children and adults

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),
And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation of this order will be in accordance with the conditions presented in the final order form

Cancellation of booking 30 days prior to the booking date will incur a 10% charge from the total booking.

Cancellation of a reservation - 15 to 35 days prior to the booking date - 35% of the total booking will be charged.

Cancellation of booking 14-8 days prior to the booking date will incur a charge of 65% of the total booking.

Cancellation of reservation 1-7 days prior to the booking date 100% of the total booking will be charged.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

** The price on the site is for 10 people

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash / credit card (Visa, Isracard)

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Ella Sun Eilat - Much more than a hotel! Villas impressive and luxurious Eilat

The luxury villas of Ella Sun Eilat have been built with great insight into the ultimatum vacation experience that Eilat vacationers are looking for!
But do not be mistaken, the villas are not a substitute for Eilat's famous hotels, but offer a completely different and luxurious experience! A luxurious vacation, a private vacation and the maximum utilization of the Eilat landscape - the unique weather and atmosphere of the famous city.
After you have indulged in one of the pampering villas set up here, the idea of a hotel in Eilat will look ridiculous ... prestigious villas in Eilat invite you to a vacation different from what you have known to this day ...

View from the compound

Enjoy enchanting views of the Red Sea and the mountains of Eilat. A sunny and sunny atmosphere will fill the prestigious and private garden area of each villa.


During the cold days you can warm up in the hot and private hot tub Jacuzzi in each of the villas, a heated swimming pool at a perfect temperature, professional dry sauna and high quality duvets in every bedroom.

Interior view

In each of the four luxury villas of Ella Sun Eilat you will enjoy a luxurious and unique design, meticulous and convenient equipment for a large number of people, thinking about the small details and full privacy.

Each villa has luxurious interior design, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room and spacious fully equipped bedrooms.

In addition, you will enjoy a private garden area for every villa with the highest level of care, luxurious garden furniture, rich vegetation, luxurious seating areas, sun terrace, sunbeds, a quality barbecue area, large swimming pool with children's safety rails and a large spa Jacuzzi.

Emphasis on the spot

It is possible to order meals at different times of the day, directly to the villa at an additional charge.
For the religious public, you can find a Shabbat clock and Shabbat platter. In addition, the synagogue is within walking distance.
Children / Babies - In the villa there is a chicken coop, in the case of additional guests, it is possible to arrange in advance.

Important information

Wedding offers, consolidation days, launch evenings, honeymoon, recreation groups and solid events can be held at the site.
No bachelor parties can be held here.
Accommodation in the villa is suitable for families with children or guests over the age of 25.

תודה רבה! חופשה מדהימה באילת
ליאור חלפון 23.09.2015
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Displays available rooms and rates
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Reviews on Ella Sun Eilat
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Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Ella Sun Eilat

תודה רבה! חופשה מדהימה באילת
family vacation כל מי שמחפש וילה באילת עם כל הפינוקים.. זה המקום! עדיף על בית מלון פי 100! מחכים לחזור שוב בקיץ

אין מילים! וילה מושלמת באילת
family vacation תודה רבה לצוות הנהדר שקיבל אותנו בידיים פתוחות... על אירוח מפנק ומושלם שאנחנו מחכים כבר לחזור שוב בעונת הקיץ הקרובה!

חופשה מדהימה!
family vacation אלה סאן ריזורט היקרים אין לי מילים עד כמה הפכתם את החופשה שלנו לשלמות באמצעות הוילה המטורפת שלכם , האיכות , הריהוט, המחשבה על כל פרט בוילה, השירות כל יום של החלפת מגבות וניקיון יותר מבית מלון , איש השרות האגדי-טל וכמובן איך לא רותם המקסימה שעשתה מאמצים ועזרה לנו להגיע לשלמות כזו, באמת הכל מהכל היה מושלם וברמה גבוה ביותר. התמונות מדברות בעד עצמן.... אנחנו מודים לכם ומקווים שניפגש בקרוב שוב. כי לחזור בטוח שנחזור... תודה !!!!!

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