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Ahuzat Elisheva כבר לא מפורסם בקרם
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Western Galilee north מעבר לדף הבית
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Upper Studio
Chef Meals
For Winter

Family Reunion


Breakfast available

Chef Meals

Pool area

Heated pool

Heated and covered

Jacuzzi spa


Panoramic view

Private garden


A separate children's room

Room Dining compound

Outdoor kitchen


Esspresso machine

Air conditioning

Jacuzzi inside

HOT channels

wireless Internet

Coffee and tea

Toiletry products

tanning beds


Boutique Hotels


Spacialy for

Couples only

For Winter


Rural hosting

Two couples

Couple with children

Religious community


Fun Days

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Entry and exit times Sunday to Friday

Entrance from 15:00 - departure until 11:00 on Saturdays until 16:00

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can order 1 night on weekends.

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged NIS 100 per night.

An older child or adult is charged NIS 150 per night.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),

And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation of this order will be in accordance with the conditions presented in the final order form

Cancellation of reservation 14-30 days prior to the hosting date will incur a 10% charge from the total booking.

Cancellation of a reservation 3-14 days prior to the booking date will incur a 25% charge from the total booking.

Cancellation of reservation 3 days prior to the booking date will be charged 50% of the total booking.

Cancellation of an order 1-3 days prior to the booking date will incur a 75% charge from the total booking.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash / credit card (Visa, Isracard)

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Ahuzat Elisheva - A huge indoor heated swimming pool and a pampering spa jacuzzi

Behind the line of olive groves and avocado lies the Elisheva mansion in the depths of wild nature, revealing a beautiful holiday complex like in fairy tales.

Spaces and mountains spread out at the foot of the estate and provide a unique view of the magical Galilean landscape in complete privacy and without any disturbance.

The magnificent estate covers 1.5 acres and is built as a special Galilean castle, suitable for accommodation of all types: couples, families, workshops, private events and more, up to 150 participants !!

The prestigious estate

Instead you will enjoy a luxurious mansion with 6 guest rooms equipped with suites overlooking a mesmerizing Galilean view! Each of the rooms is equipped with a different design and atmosphere that belong only to him.

In each of the suites you will enjoy a large and quality orthopedic bed, LCD screen with satellite channels, a spectacular bathroom with a luxurious shower stall, a designed storage cabinet, a luxurious coffee corner with a professional espresso machine and a beautiful balcony with comfortable seating areas and a magnificent panoramic view.

A huge, noise-isolating panoramic window separates the interior from the balcony with a gorgeous view overlooking the nearby groves and Yehiam Fortress on the horizon.

The luxurious garden area

In the estate there is a huge central garden complex with a magnificent pool, a huge heated spa center with a huge spa Jacuzzi, a shared shower, a quality dry sauna, a designed patio that serves as a café and a meal complex.

A huge, noise-isolating panoramic window separates the interior from the balcony with a gorgeous view overlooking the nearby groves and Yehiam Fortress on the horizon.

Include hosting

Chocolates and homemade cookies, seasonal fruits, coffee and capsules, milk, herbal teas and more.
In the café (during the summer months) you will enjoy cakes and hot drinks, fruit juice and surprising delicacies ...
Large bath towels, hair dryer, bath lotions, soaps and bath gel, body lotion, irons and fragrant candles are available in the bathroom.

Additional charge
You can enjoy rich breakfasts, chef meals and half-board meals in advance.
In addition, alcoholic beverages are available upon request and laundry services are available.
We will be happy to arrange a variety of massages, cosmetic treatments, hairdressing services and bridal makeup.


The estate is surrounded by bicycle trails and a variety of hiking options. In addition you can enjoy quick and easy access to a variety of recommended tourist sites: Rosh Hanikra, Yehiam Fortress (from the balconies), the huge shopping center Yirka, Keshet Cave and more. Achziv beaches are only a 15-minute drive away. There is also a wide range of restaurants, horseback riding, jeeps and ATVs, paragliding, water sport activities and more.

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onAhuzat Elisheva One unit type

Ahuzat Elisheva

A magnificent mansion that stretches over 1.5 acres !! Instead you will enjoy 6 guest rooms fully equipped with pampering suites and an en suite bathroom! In each room you will enjoy a large and quality orthopedic bed, LCD screen with satellite channels, a spectacular bathroom with a luxurious shower stall, a designed storage cabinet and a luxurious coffee corner with a professional espresso machine. In addition, each unit has a beautiful view terrace with comfortable seating areas and a magnificent panoramic view. In two rooms you will also enjoy a pampering intimate hot tub and two others you will enjoy a Jacuzzi bath. All four rooms have a fully equipped kitchenette. The estate has 7 bathrooms, a bathroom in each room and one bathroom shared by all rooms. The magnificent garden area In the main outdoor area of ​​the estate you will find a real pampering, perfect care and a delight for the eyes. It begins with a luxurious and huge swimming pool, which includes special internal lighting, an environment full of sunbeds, shaded seating areas and a safety fence (transparent and elegant) for children. The complex continues with a magnificent spa, which includes a Jacuzzi, a huge Jacuzzi, a quality dry sauna, a well-designed lounge, and a treatment room. A spectacular patio terrace, full of colorful and well-kept vegetation, which in the summer turns into a small coffee shop serving refreshments and hot drinks. And ends in a large, well-covered dining area with transparent walls suitable for 25 diners, with a fully equipped and equipped kitchen, a huge knight table and an LCD screen for mutual viewing. What else can you ask for ?!

1 room from this type
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אורנה לשם 13.05.2021
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Reviews on Ahuzat Elisheva
10 Reviews
Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Ahuzat Elisheva

family vacation המתקנים ברמה גבוהה, התחזוקה טובה. היחס של המפעיל מצוין. הרבה יותר מצימרים אחרים שהיינו! בקיצור לנו היתה חויה משפחתית מגבשת ומרגיעה , כאשר במרכז היה מטחים. מומלץ בחום רב

התארחנו ב אחוזת אלישבע

יוצא מן הכלל
Romantic vacation היה באמת מושלם! מארחים מקסימים, ג׳קוזי האט טאב כיפי. היה תענוג!!!

דברים טובים נגמרים מהר
תודה רבה רבה על אירוח מהנה ומושלם בדיוק כמו שרצינו! בד?כ אנשים יודעים שלא כדאי להאמין לתמונות של מקומות אירוח שמפרסמים באינטרנט כי תמיד מנסים לייפות ולמשוך את הלקוח לבוא, פה, באחוזת אלישבע הופתענו לגלות שזה ממש לא ככה.. התמונות העידו לטובה!היחס האישי והטלפוני מולך היה מורגש באכפתיות ובדאגה מהשניה שהרמתי טלפון רק לברר פרטים והוכח ברגע שהגענו למקום. חשוב לי לציין שהגענו משפחה של כ34 איש(גדולים קטנים ואפילו תינוקות) ועם זאת הרגשנו את מלוא הפרטיות והכפיות. כמובן שדברים טובים נגמרים מהר ומקווים להגיע שוב בקיץ בעזרת השם(-; ממליצה בחום ומאחלת לך ולמשפחתך המשך חג שמח ומהנה.. בהערכה המורחבת (-;

חופשה מהסרטים
family vacation חזרנו מחופשה באחוזת אלישבע 2 לילות והיה פשוט מושלם!מארחים נעימים, מקום נעים ומתוכנן היטב, רמה גבוה ביותר! ממליצים בחום

הופתענו לטובה
Group vacation מקום נקי ומרווח נוף גלילי קסום חשוב לציין את בעל המקום שהיה זמין לכל בקשה שלנו ממליץ בחום

come again next year
family vacation We stayed as a family of 11 adults and 11 children. The house is very comfortable,we found it clean, The person in charge received us and showed us the rooms and the facilities of the place. The rooms are spacious and well maintained. Since we were here also the year before, we could see improvements in some areas, e.g. kitchen and dining room. The swimming pool is very nice and relatively large for a private pool. There are sea beaches a few kilometers , but we found no incentive to leave the property since everyone was enjoying the place. Our general feeling was very positive and we intend to come again next year.

בדיוק מה שחיפשנו
Romantic vacation אירוח נהדר. מרווח, נקי, מאובזר, שקט. בעלי האחוזה הוגנים ושירותיים. היה מעולה. נהננו מאוד.

הכי חשוב נקי נקי נקי
Romantic vacation מקום מהמם !! נקי ביותר , אירוח ברמה גבוהה נהנו מאווד ממליצה בחום!! ובטוח נחזור שוב!

family vacation הגענו 5 משפחות לסופש והיה פשוט מושלם! נהנינו מאוד , הרמה והירידה לפרטים הקטנים ניכרת בכל פינה בוילה ועלה בהרבה על הציפיות . מומלץ ביותר !!!

מקום נדירררר
family vacation מומלץ בחום לכל המשפחהה, התארחנו 5 משפחות והיה פשוט מושלם !! תודה לאלירן על אירוח מהסרטים בטוח שנחזורר. (חברים שלנו כבר דיברו איתך ויסגרו לקיץ ;)

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Malot Tarshishiha

Granot Hagalil
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Yehiam Fortress

Combining impressive fortress remains of buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman

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Blue sea bays, picnic areas, ponds and lagoons and sea

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Remains of a Crusader fortress in the woods overlooking the river Kziv.

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Rainbow Cave

Golf for the whole family and rappelling

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Unique nature reserve

rosh hanikra
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