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בשעה האחרונה צפו בRika-Boutique accommodation in Klil
2 גולשים
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Rika-Boutique accommodation in Klil כבר לא מפורסם בקרם
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Western Galilee north מעבר לדף הבית

Rika-Boutique accommodation in Klil

Call for reservationsBoaz
Beit Even mizrahi
Beit Even ma'aravi
Ma'aravi Gallery
Mizrahit Gallery

Breakfast available

Chef Meals

Pool area

Private pool

Jacuzzi spa

Hot Tub

Wet Sauna compound

Panoramic view

Private garden

Room Dining compound

Outdoor kitchen


Wood fireplace

Coffee and tea

Toiletry products


Spacialy for


Rural hosting

Two couples

Couple with children

Religious community

Fun Days

Booking Conditions

Entry and exit times Sunday and Friday

Entrance from 15:00 - Departure until 12:00 (Flexible by appointment) Departure at the end of Shabbat: at an additional charge

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can order 1 night on weekends.

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged a total of 150 NIS per night.

For older children or adults (12 years of age or older) an additional charge of NIS 300 per night will be charged.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

It is not possible to smoke in rooms but only on the balcony and courtyard only.

It is not possible to cook in rooms / cooking in a shared kitchen when renting the complex fully.

You can not bring animals.

The barbecue can not be used in the complex.

The complex can be rented as a villa.

Events can be produced in the complex: conferences / workshops / honeymoon / holiday evenings / consolidation days

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),

And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation of this order will be in accordance with the conditions presented in the final order form

Cancellation of reservation 14-30 days prior to the stay will be subject to a one-night cancellation fee.

Cancellation of reservation 14 days prior to the booking date will incur 100% of the total booking.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

* On weekends and holidays, the room is subject to rental of the entire complex.

* Only a single room can be booked in the 90 minute.

* The wooden house has a double bed and two single beds.

* In all rooms including the wooden house you can add mattresses.

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash / credit card / bank transfer / credit card for security.

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Rika-Boutique accommodation in Klil - Luxurious suites, stone pools in the heart of nature and breathtaking Galilean scenery

When you talk about boutique hospitality, you mean "Rika," a spectacular and unusual hospitality complex.

The complex is located in the village of Klil in the Western Galilee, a settlement defined as ecological, where residents produce electricity themselves!

There are 6 beautiful suites in a different design but similar to the nature, romance and harmony created between them, a clean and rich design line with different treats in each.

In the pampering compound of the compound, think of every detail, from the well-kept garden, the swimming pool covered with a natural stone view, the pool location in relation to the landscape, a famous chef's restaurant and a luxurious and luxurious lobby space.

An interior view - a gorgeous grand piano and unique accessories in each suite

As noted earlier, each suite is fully furnished and furnished in different sizes, some of them have a luxurious and beautiful bathroom, another a huge, impressive rock that penetrates the interior of the bathroom and one private stone pool in a separate location from the rest. This is the beauty of this complex, each one bringing its charm and uniqueness, and all of them meet together in the common and prestigious area offered by the place.

In the common area you will enjoy first of all the impressive lobby at the entrance, with a fairly long knight table, colorful seating areas, a beautiful grand piano, an intimate drinking bar and full furniture that radiates countryside, warmth, luxury and unique decorative solutions inspired by Provence.

The complex also has a sitting terrace along the compound, where the walls are made of stone, the ceiling-ceilinged lamps glow the place warmly, the seating areas are stunningly vintage design and the blue columns hold the complex so luxuriously that you can believe that life is in a royal home.

If you have not reached your climax yet, it's right here - a swimming pool

Include hosting

A rich and luxurious breakfast, delicious refreshments, crispy cookies, a seasonal fruit plate, tea and coffee corner, bath towels, soaps, spa shoes, soft robes and a restaurant reservation.

Additional charge

You can book professional treatments and massages straight to the guest suite.

The vacation can be upgraded to a half board basis at an extra charge.

Fine chef meals at different times of the day can be ordered.

There is a possibility to prepare and decorate the B & B for a special event in advance order.

onRika-Boutique accommodation in Klil 6 Type Units


An intimate and romantic suite, suitable for couples, with an open space and a garden view, 28m² and a bright and luxurious interior design. In the studio unit you will enjoy open space and precise design. A luxurious queen-size bed with an orthopedic mattress, two matching dressers on its sides, designed night lamps, air conditioning, colorful decorative armchairs, tiled floor tiles, windows with white curtains for maximum intimacy. In the bathroom you will enjoy a completely different design, a huge rock that penetrates the interior of the shower and integrates nature into the bathroom, an antique rain shower head with a beautiful rock beside it, a bathroom and sink in vintage design.

1 room from this type
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Ma'aravi Gallery

Spacious and colorful, 45 m², open space, sharing a common building with the East Gallery and the studio, with a luxurious bathtub and stunning vintage design. In the Ma'aravi Gallery you will enjoy a large and luxurious king-size bed with a particularly high orthopedic mattress. Next to the bed is a free-standing bathtub in vintage design and you will also enjoy a modern design bathroom with a rain shower in the unit atmosphere. Colorfulness celebrates the place! Here you will find a large blue storage closet, a colored armchair standing in the corner of the room, a wooden coffee table that also serves as a coffee and tea corner with an espresso machine and a large, colorful carpet spread out on the floor.

1 room from this type
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Mizrahit Gallery

Spacious suite with designer and romantic lamps, colorful furniture, vintage design, Open space, 45 m² in size, is located on the ground floor and has a common building with the West Gallery and Studio. In the Mizrahit Gallery you will enjoy a beautiful free standing classic bath standing by a large window overlooking the view, colorful seating areas, king size bed with orthopedic mattress, coffee and tea corner, air conditioning, large windows with shading curtains for perfect intimacy and a designer bathroom with double sink, faucets Vintage design and double rain head shower. In addition, you will enjoy an intimate side terrace with a landscaped fence, colorful climbing vegetation and night lighting.

1 room from this type
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A spacious 60 m² wooden log cabin is located apart from the rest of the units, decorated in the countryside and warmly decorated. In the cabin you will enjoy a large and luxurious king-size bed with an orthopedic mattress, matching wooden chests on either side and designed night lamps, a storage closet, air conditioning and an elegant bathroom with rain shower head. Enjoy a balcony and private pool! Instead of large panoramic windows with shading curtains, which serve as an exit to a private garden area, you will find stone columns decorated with a matching and enchanting fence, a magnificent Galilean landscape, rich colorful vegetation and a swimming pool wrapped in a unique and magnificent stone cover.

1 room from this type
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Beit Even mizrahi

Spacious suite with warm and romantic lamps, decorated in light colors, with natural stone cladding, 45 m², open space, with a magical view terrace. The Beit Even mizrahi, as its name suggests, faces east and shares a common building with the western stone house. The suite is located in a high unit above the luxurious guest lobby. In the unit you will enjoy a classic free standing bath on a wooden platform, a very comfortable rocking chair, a king size bed with an orthopedic mattress and matching pedestal, an extra spacious bathroom in a vintage design with two sinks and a rain shower head. In addition, enjoy a coffee and tea corner with a professional espresso machine and a large sliding window with shading curtains that serves as an exit to a pleasant sitting terrace overlooking the Galilean landscape.

1 room from this type
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Beit Even ma'aravi

A spacious, 35-square-meter, natural stone cladding, built with the Open Space method, shares a common building with the East Stone House and is located on a high floor in the complex. In the Beit Even ma'aravi you will enjoy a warm and high quality wood fireplace, a beautiful and classic free standing bath, a king size bed with an orthopedic mattress, a storage closet, air conditioning, colorful decorative armchairs and a vintage bathroom with rain shower, coffee and tea corner With a professional espresso machine and a balcony overlooking the view and pool in the complex, with table and chairs.

1 room from this type
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בפשטות: מומלץ ביותר
רועי אשל 03.11.2017
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Displays available rooms and rates
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Reviews on Rika-Boutique accommodation in Klil
4 Reviews
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בפשטות: מומלץ ביותר
Romantic vacation כזוג שחי שנים בחו"ל, רמת האירוח בארץ מאכזבת אותנו על פי רוב. ממש לא הפעם. ריקה הוא מקום מדהים ביופיו, מתוחזק לעילא כבוטיק יוקרה לכל דבר ועניין. ההשקעה בפרטים הקטנים כבגדולים ניכרת לעין והכל נעשה בטוב טעם ועם טאצ' אמנותי עמוק. החדר היה מקסים ונעים, גם הוא, בסטנדרט אחד עם מלונות בוטיק שווים בעולם. המיקום מבודד ושקט, עם נוף שנפרש עד לים התיכון והשרה בנו רוגע ושלווה החל מהרגע הראשון. ארוחת בוקר הייתה עשירה ומפנקת, ששלחה אותנו להרגע ליד הבריכה מיד אחריה, וגם השאירה נשנושים קטנים עד הצהריים כדי שנוכל להתפנק. לבסוף, האירוח והשירותיות של בועז תפרו את החוויה למושלמת עבורנו. בועז היה זמין לכל בקשה (ומי יודע כמה היו...), בכל זמן ותמיד-תמיד מלא נכונות לעזור. טיפ: לנסות בלילה את ההוט טאב, אמבט/ג'קוזי חיצוני עם מים עם שמן לבנדר שמחוממים במדורה. חוויה קסומה. בקיצור, בלי לחשוב פעמיים, מומלץ ביותר להגיע לשם

Rika-Boutique accommodation in Klil הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת

תודה רבה רועי היה לנו העונג לארח אותכם ונשמח לראותכם בעתיד!

טוסקנה בישראל
family vacation התארחנו בסוף שבוע ושכרנו את כל המתחם. האירוח היה מושלם, החל במיקום שקט עם נוף מהמם של הגליל המערבי, ארוחות הבוקר המושקעות הסלט הטעים להפליא החביתות הטעימות הגבינות ועוד, החדרים עם העיצובים המיוחדים, המיטות הנוחות. המקום בהחלט מושלם, תודה רקפת על חוויה נפלאה

המקום הכי קסום בישראל!
Romantic vacation בעלי ואני נסענו לריקה לשני לילות לחגוג את יום הנישואים שלנו. בדרך למקום הלך לנו האוטו, וכמובן שהיינו דיי מבואסים, עד שהגענו לריקה (עם מונית). מאותו רגע אי אפשר היה להוריד את החיוך מפננו. הפינה של בקתת העץ פשוט מהממת! נוף מטריף לים ולמפרץ חיפה, מלא ניחוחות משכרים של מרווה, לבנדר ולואיזה, צמחיה צבעונית, בריכה פרטית מדהימה, כורסת מלכים שמשקיפה על הנוף, פרטיות מוחלטת, והחדר מתוק נעים ומזמין. בעלי המקום, רקפת ודודי, היו מקסימים ודאגו לוודא כל הזמן שיש לנו כל מה שאנחנו צריכים. האוכל היה משובח ביותר (הטענה היחידה של בעלי היתה שארוחות הבוקר היו גדולות מדי :)) והאווירה קסומה. המקום כולו יפיפה ולא סתם נאמר שזו טוסקנה בגליל. ממש אי אפשר להאמין שזה בישראל. אפילו שמחנו שלא היה לנו רכב ונאלצנו לבטל את תוכניות הנסיעה שלנו ולהישאר במקום ולא לזוז ממנו, זה יצא פשוט מושלם.

הוקסמתי מהקום
Romantic vacation מעולם לא נתקלתי במקום כל כך שלו וסוריאליסטי. לקחתי את בן זוגי לסוף שבוע לכבוד יום הולדתו ופשוט הוקסמתי ממקום שהוא לא פחות ממושלם , רמת שירות מהגבוהות ביותר שהכרתי ( בעברי בייתי פקידת קבלה במלון יוקרתי באילת ככה שאני מבינה בתחום השירותיות ) וחדר פשוט מהמם ביופיו !!! לא רק שאמליץ לכל מי שמחפש חוויה ייחודית ומדהימה , גם אחזור לשם בעצמי שוב ושוב כי פשוט אין מקום יותר טוב מזה

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